the end and the beginning

2017-07-04 20.41.05

The end of my visit with Taylor, Beth, and Declan included an early birthday dinner (out) and some backyard fireworks that were just the right amount of exciting. It was low key enough that Declan could enter in without trauma.

2017-07-04 20.39.40

Early the next morning Taylor flew to Hawaii for work and Declan and I accompanied Beth at her ultrasound appointment where I got to meet my two newest granddaughters and see/hear their strong heartbeats.

The following morning I flew home to resume my good life with Mr. Macy.


The first day of my 73rd year of life began with an email from friend Gail who said these thoughts flit through her brain as well. I’m not prone to worry, but this is a good reminder about what’s important in life at age 72.

2017-07-08 08.30.21

An hour or so later I opened this gift from Mauri. Note the author!

2017-07-08 09.04.58

In Arizona we talked quite a bit about names for the twins and about the origin of our own names. This gift was wrapped by my sister, Carol. She carries our mother’s name, Winifred, as her middle. My brother was given our dad’s name, Carl. And I, the baby of the family, was named for Jesus (Rose of Sharon).

Too bad I nicknamed myself in junior high and gave up that beautiful name—for a wine.

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