helping hands

2017-06-24 11.01.24

Taylor Facetimed me a week ago today, and an hour later I was telling my coworkers I needed to take a leave of absence to come down to AZ to lend my hands with 22-month-old Declan while Beth takes it easy and Taylor travels.

Do you have or have you had a pre-two-year-old in your life. Sometimes they’re headstrong littles whirlwinds and other times they’re still cuddly babies. Declan is no exception—though, of course, he’s an exceptional child. Just ask his daddy!

2017-06-24 10.25.51

2017-06-24 08.37.10-1

With a backyard pool, you can be sure these parents are seeing to it their boy becomes waterproof.

2017-06-23 10.59.02-2

Declan makes his wishes known with a small collection of words: “Color!”

2017-06-23 10.53.16

I want to know why washable markers weren’t invented 50 years ago. They put a man on the moon . . .

Declan with twins

Here Declan is getting to know his sisters, at least their essence with a bump now and then.

So that’s the essence of my week. My mission for a time. I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else.

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