#oneadaymay 2017

Mauri and I both had fun with #oneadaymay this year, just as we did last year. (The symbol # means hashtag.) So I thought I’d share some of the pics we posted under that hashtag.


2017-05-04 15.33.12

My office buddy, going on 14 years. #oneadaymay #shesawme #shecallsmesharon #orshewwy

2017-05-10 09.42.14

When a puppy visits the office. #oneadaymay

2017-05-15 12.09.51-1

Reliving our musical past. #oneadaymay #twostories #edlyman

2017-05-17 18.43.15-1

From a different angle #oneadaymay

2017-05-18 23.43.57

Fully entertained tonight, maybe more from time spent with Gail than the show (though it was great). #oneadaymay #timetosleepnow #zzzz

2017-05-19 18.47.11

29. That’s how many years I’ve survived without my mom. Other people love me, but no one as fiercely as she did. That’s me in her arms. Little did I know then the impact she’d have on me, and it hasn’t stopped. Never will. #oneadaymay #mydadcalledhermother

2017-05-31 23.18.18-1

She did it! On to Grand Canyon University in the fall. #oneadaymay


The best part of Meal Train is holding the newborn. #oneadaymay


Off with the temp, on with the permanent crown. Zip zop #oneadaymay #itwilllastforever #doctorbrecke


She sat talking to Mauri, her back facing me. Captivating curls became the theme, so natural and springy. My head produces straight gray wisps, never more than four inches, nowadays a visible scalp. Who has a wand to wave over me, one that will make mine like hers? Oh, never mind. Thin short gray wisps are perfectly fine. #oneadaymay


Look who’s immersed in pink, and thinking in twos! #oneadaymay #twinsontheway


Mother love reflected through a smile and the lens of her sunglasses. #oneadaymay


Sunbathing. I hope she remembered sunscreen. #oneadaymay


I get to tickle that neck in one week! #andkissit #oneadaymay


Kindergarten music program in perspective. #sagecharlotterose #oneadaymay


How often does he get to pet goats! #eieioh #oneadaymay


Brother DK left home at 5am, drove to the Berg for Aunt Eilene’s memorial service at 2pm, visited a few minutes at the cookie reception, then headed back home. He’s a crazy man but also a dedicated family man. #oneadaymay


Quinn and her Babies of Juarez shoppers have been busy. This is only a fraction of what’s stored for the next trip to Mexico in June. #oneadaymay

Mauri’s #oneadaymay pictures focus on food, coffee, scenic sights, and miscellany. Here are a few for your entertainment.


[No published comment, but I’ll add that he took this while he was at Fish Camp on the other side of Mt. Hood. He didn’t fish but did lead worship with 40 or so men.]


#americano #sumatralintongaeknauli #oneadaymay


#bonvoyage #aloha #oneadaymay


#mustangsally #friendcraig #oneadaymay


[Again, no published comment, but you might recognize the Peixoto trademark from a previous post and note that he couldn’t resist buying some.]

The end.

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