arizona highlights – part 1

2017-05-30 14.55.09

Hanging around with this guy is always a highlight. Neither of us is very touristy, so our travel adventures center on food, coffee, “*shopping,” and whatever the family is doing (*Goodwill for me; guitars for him). Mauri caught a doozy of a cold a few days before we left home, but he adventured on.

2017-05-29 15.07.11

Declan barely acknowledges anyone around him when Uncle Dusty is in sight.

The Carlsons have a pool in their backyard so the parents want to make sure he’s waterproof.

I’d say he’s doing well! High five, Declan!

2017-05-29 18.15.23

I was unsuccessful of getting a picture of Quinn with her new Jeep Willys, but we did manage to have a fun jaunt in it. See me in the rearview mirror?

2017-05-29 16.23.38 HDR

A Memorial Day lunch included the Carlsons and their houseguest, Chris, who contracted in Iraq with Taylor and Beth. In fact, before they went overseas, Chris introduced them and fixed them up, as they say. What a good thing! (Ever indebted to Chris for his part in giving us Beth!)

2017-05-30 20.25.30

Quiet evenings offered a delightful warm breeze, making this setting near Nirvana.

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