I wish I had a way to track how long ago John Williams painted this portrait of himself but I can guess it was when he studied art at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia. (He graduated in 2008, history I can research by typing in the search engine on this blog.)

JohnW 2017

Here’s a recent self-portrait, created with Adobe Illustrator in a class he took in Portland.

John Macy sketch

Not much doubt who this is (especially with the name, right?) JohnW, who is never far from his sketchbook, captured his brother-in-law’s essence on his return from around-the-world travels back in 2009 (again a blog search to find the date). He showed up with a full red beard (as you can plainly see).


And that baby Oscar . . .

oscar sketch 3

He’s been drawn innumerable times since this.

My boys

Here’s one more contemporary, with Yoda.

OK drawing1

You can see the young one is following in his dad’s footsteps.

OK drawing2

A leftie like his mom. I like that.

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