carlson sons

So here’s what Ben and Taylor are up to.

Taylor to Denmark

T flew to Denmark to “get his learn on” — training on a new piece of lab equipment. Pretty cool opportunity to see another country. Especially Scandinavia!

Taylor 3

This is how we know where he is. In this case where he’s eating.


Keep in mind, people travel to foreign countries all the time to see sights and fill multiple memory cards with pictures. You know what I mean. Taylor? He sends one picture of a taco joint.

His Aunt Debbie on Beth’s side asked: “Can you go to Tivoli Gardens?” T: “My hotel is within walking distance, but it’s too cold and rainy to go.” Debbie: “OK, maybe that’s not on your bucket list!”

Taylor 2

He had told me his plan to take public transportation over to Sweden, his fatherland. Taylor’s dad was 100% Swedish, making T half Swedish. (Math whiz!)

So there’s that!

And that’s the extent of Taylor’s photo journal of Denmark and Sweden. Who raised him



When the snow melts in Michigan, that’s the signal to get the boat out of drydock.


It’s no small accomplishment, especially when you’ve moving to the other side of the lake.


All ready for some sunshine!


Chip off the old block (and I don’t mean me). He wonders: “Is five vehicles “too many” when it comes to registrations with the Secretary of State?” This new purchase will be used to haul trailers that pull boats and stuff. This addition reminds me of a recent conversation with my brother when he told me he was reducing his fleet. I asked: “So at your age [he’s six years older than I] how many cars do you need?”

“Well, I need a nice car to drive to church, a beater for everyday, a pickup, a sports car, and an SUV.” I guess we can’t blame this car-collection thing all on his dad’s side of the family.

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