Today is Quinn’s birthday, which brings her Facebook wall to life with well wishes. This is especially affirming for the mother who brought her into the world, though I can’t really take credit for much of what she has become.

7-073 copy

Who could have known the impact one family would have on her growth as a person, all the stories and quotes that would come out of the years she nannied for the Hansons. James was still an infant when she showed up at their door on the other side of Grand Rapids, Michigan. James has two siblings, so Quinn gained confidence over time in caring for babies/kids and keeping house.

She was invited on several Hanson family vacations to exotic places, to work but also as part of the family. I think that’s where she caught the travel bug she’s never been able to shake.

7-082 copy

Quinn always, always shared the Hansons with me—the kids of course, but especially their mama, Kathy.

2017-05-02 08.47.46

Kathy, Quinn, and I remain three-way soul sisters, except I’m left out when it comes to celebrating a birthday today. Kathy shared this picture on Quinn’s “wall” today, their shared day of birth. And yes, that is James!

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