those macDonalds have a farm

These are the fine folks who live close(ish) to the Eugene airport and carsit while we enjoy family in AZ.

2017-04-06 10.56.54

Pam and Craig have been my friends since the mid 1980s. I keep close tabs on their life through Craig’s blog.

2017-04-06 10.59.16

He posted the whole recent story of their adoption of two newborn kids (Itzhak pictured here) that needed to be bottle fed every few hours, kept indoors, wearing diapers and onesies. Oh, the stories . . .

2017-04-06 11.08.32

Craig built Pam a chicken house.

2017-04-06 11.08.40

She can name the layers of these three beauties.

2017-04-06 11.09.24

Pam’s dog, Bear, likes to herd the chickens.

2017-04-06 11.09.52 HDR

Craig turned this little cabin into a study/writer’s retreat with a sleeping loft for guests.

2017-04-06 11.17.18

They are perfectly suited for this farm life. Growing both plant and animal is their thing.

2017-04-06 11.18.52

I needed to hit the road long before we’d exhausted topics of conversation. I guess I’ll just have to go back! Eeeyi eeeyi yo!

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2 Responses to those macDonalds have a farm

  1. Craig MacDonald says:

    You are welcome on Baker Rd. ANY time! We’re ready for the May trip to AZ.

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