easy travels

Flying to Arizona is cheap and easy when I (or we) fly Allegiant Airlines. Of course the schedule needs to be flexible enough to go and come on the two days a week flights are offered between Eugene, OR, and Mesa, AZ. The Mesa airport is a ten-minute drive from the Andersons’ house. And while Eugene is about double the drive time, it’s scenic and direct. The bonus is having friends who insist we let them know when we’re traveling through Eugene and they will meet us and drive our car to their home to save us the cost of parking.

It’s almost too easy to reap such a remarkable reward. You saw one highlight already—the gender reveal. But there’s more.

Deck golfer

Watching this boy imitate his daddy with the golf club.

Taylor and Deck

Watching my baby in his role as daddy to his sweet boy.

2017-04-03 14.45.41-2

When I arrived, Declan came running toward me, arms raised. I love this age! So easily entertained.

2017-04-05 17.53.11

Declan noticed Cassidy’s braces.

2017-04-05 18.26.11


The visit also included a few precious minutes with Dusty and Marissa; a couple hours with Dusty’s parents, Neil and Randee; and the great joy of attending a worship service with Quinn.

Allegiant flights booked for the end of May to attend Marissa’s graduation. Such easy travels!

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