Lucky me! I got to be with Taylor, Beth, and Declan when they learned the gender of their twins.

2017-04-03 10.03.00-1

Thankfully, their friend Lyndsi was there too to make that awesome video. But I was able to snap some fun stills of the parents’ reactions. I think even Taylor was glad Baby A is a girl.

2017-04-03 10.03.35

Baby B—two girls! Beth’s sister Tara has twin daughters, so I’m sure Beth is excited to have twin daughters as well. (They’re not identical.)

2017-04-03 10.03.37 copy

2017-04-03 10.03.44 copy

All the cheers and mysterious pink powder were a bit much for the big brother. He doesn’t know how drastically his life is about to change come summer!

2017-04-03 10.03.52 copy

Congratulations, Taylor and Beth. Time to start thinking PINK!

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