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last prom

You can hardly blame me for wanting to show off such beauty. I’m struggling to choose the right descriptor. Gorgeous? Exquisite? Sensational? Breathtaking? Her mom chose “stunning” when she texted the pictures of Marissa and Kaden. The cool part: What … Continue reading

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thanksgiving in april

Tilikum Camp and Retreat Center holds many wonderful memories for us and our family. So it was no hardship to drive just outside Newberg to participate in “Thanksgiving in April,” a small event to thank a room full of people … Continue reading

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the real carl m. nill

It would take several volumes to describe my dad. But if I had to condense it to one page, I’d simply share this letter. “Sharon Carlson, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer.” That would be me. A very important position, you can tell. … Continue reading

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two hours

My toddler-watching services were needed today for only two hours while parents and Will went to teacher conferences. It was perfect outside weather, so outside was where Lincoln and I spent the entire two hours (except for a diaper change). … Continue reading

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the taylors

My friend Donna posted a link on Facebook about her aunt Margaret that caught my amazed interest. It was one of those small-world moments when about 20 years ago Donna mentioned her familial connection to the Ken Taylor family. I … Continue reading

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28 years apart

mother (1989) —> daughter (2017) — high school senior photos The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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those macDonalds have a farm

These are the fine folks who live close(ish) to the Eugene airport and carsit while we enjoy family in AZ. Pam and Craig have been my friends since the mid 1980s. I keep close tabs on their life through Craig’s … Continue reading

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easy travels

Flying to Arizona is cheap and easy when I (or we) fly Allegiant Airlines. Of course the schedule needs to be flexible enough to go and come on the two days a week flights are offered between Eugene, OR, and … Continue reading

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Lucky me! I got to be with Taylor, Beth, and Declan when they learned the gender of their twins. Thankfully, their friend Lyndsi was there too to make that awesome video. But I was able to snap some fun stills of … Continue reading

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