delivery story

Doctor Dave Miller was the physician on duty when Pete was born. Folklore has it that as he was heading out into the world his dad asked Dr. Miller if it was a boy or a girl. (I’m sure Mauri was focusing on helping Margaret-Rose do her work and not watching the action.) Since only the top of his head showed at that point, the doc said, “I don’t know yet, but I can tell you this one has red hair!” Neither of Pete’s parents had red hair, so this fact was puzzling. But they would soon learn that a great-grandfather on Pete’s maternal side was a redhead, but this had never been apparent from the black and photo photos in their albums.


Now that you see for yourself, it’s easy to “picture” red hair on Great-grandpa’s head.


Here’s that red-headed baby. (And a look back at a former post about the Macy redheads.)

You’re probably wondering what brings this story to mind today. I won’t keep you in suspense! We had a way-too-short visit with Dave and Judy Miller, who are in Oregon for a family visit in Clackamas and took the time to share rich conversation here at 514.


Oh, my, I don’t even know where to begin. This was my first time to meet these fine folks who worshiped at Denver Friends when Mauri served there as youth pastor back in the ’70s. I’d get it wrong if I tried to tell the whole story of their friendship, but the Millers were so close to their hearts that Mauri and M-R named Rachel for the Millers’ first daughter, Rachel. They told us stories of how their family grew to include six children. One of those got married and added two sets of twins, 17 months apart, to their family. Of course that caught my interest because of the grandtwins we expect in August.

2017-03-10 13.00.26-1

Joyful sums up the two+ hours that zoomed by, and even though the time passed quickly we only scratched the surface of the topics we could have covered. I won’t suggest any of us are old, but if it took me 23 years to meet these fine folks, I might easily assume our next lively conversation will be in heaven. I’m already looking forward to that!

Wait! Don’t go away yet. There’s more.


Here’s that baby all grown up with a wife and babies of his own. None with red hair but altogether adorable. Linsey posted this on Facebook today with a cool reason for celebration, which they did!


See? She’s somethun’!

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  1. Judy Woolsey says:

    Grandtwins???Whose?? How exciting!!!

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