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people are good

I’ve been preoccupied with some important work, using my computer to locate people at NFC who feel out on the edges of what I wrote about here. My job put me close to the action, but I was surprisingly unaware of … Continue reading

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Team Eloisa

My dear friends at Women of Hillside took on a project with me to be part of Team Eloisa. It all started when Quinn offered us (me first then WOH through me) a chance to participate in Eloisa’s passion to … Continue reading

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delivery story

Doctor Dave Miller was the physician on duty when Pete was born. Folklore has it that as he was heading out into the world his dad asked Dr. Miller if it was a boy or a girl. (I’m sure Mauri was … Continue reading

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When we visited my brother, John, in Jacksonville, FL, a few years ago, we stopped to look at this boat. It seemed perfectly reasonable since Johnny has always been a boat guy, usually unable to resist the temptation to purchase them. … Continue reading

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counter space

This post had an unexpected starting place. I sat across the table from Mauri a few days ago and noted the large empty space left behind after he shipped off his espresso machine for repair or replacement. The whole story … Continue reading

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Three weeks ago we made the front page, “we” being Newberg Friends Church. The article reported the decision made by the administrative council and elders of Northwest Yearly Meeting to restructure. Every church in the region (Oregon, Washington, Idaho) will need … Continue reading

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kitchen sink

Someone shared this meme on Facebook and of course it sent me straight to my photo collection. Here’s my first answer to that question. Here’s my second answer to that question. I guess by the time baby #3 came along … Continue reading

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