a few of his favorite things

"my favorite things"

Long, long ago, before I knew anything at all about love language, I put together this collage and framed it as a birthday present for my dear man. I was sure he would love it. Trouble is, pictures are MY love language, not his. Now . . . I had so much fun taking pictures of all the things he loves (with film) and having them made into prints, then cutting and “waxing” them and arranging them to fit the frame that even all these years later it doesn’t bother me that he received it kindly, gave it a thorough look, and set it aside. Eventually I took it to the attic where it lived undisturbed until scanning it was an option.

Gotta love technology!

Meanwhile I learned all about love language. Daily back scratches supersede photo collages on my man’s list, I know that now. And most interesting to me is how little has changed since my early days as his wife. He still carries a hacky sack in his pocket, he still loves gadgets, coffee, smoking meat, old cars, his kids, his piano/guitar/trombone, funky lamps, his dog (though a different one), biking, hot peppers, and best of all—he still likes me!

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