Courtney is only one of I’ll say many delightful young women at Hillside Fellowship, and more specifically in my women’s Bible study group, “Women of Hillside.” We meet on Saturday mornings but have been on a way-too-long break for the holidays. This morning was our first time back, and we were all r-e-a-d-y to be together again. Clearly, I am the oldest in the group and there are two other “olders,” but all the rest are young mothers or young professionals. One of these days I’ll take a picture to show you.

We are all on Facebook, so I get to see the parts of their lives they are willing to share.

Courtney and Aaron

I don’t have Courtney’s permission to use this picture with her husband, so I’ll give only her first name. She has a blog, so I’m probably safe in assuming she isn’t internet shy.


On Facebook she shared her interest in “doodling” (she calls it), and later offered to practice her skills (she doesn’t call it) by doodling a Bible verse for us. I couldn’t miss out on an offer like that?

2017-02-11 14.48.06

Nice, huh? She gave it to me this morning. This is its temporary “frame” until I can find one more fitting. I was careful to not put holes in it.

If you could listen in on our depthy discussions, you might find renewed hope for the future of Christian womanhood—as I do.

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