two-day celebration

That’s right, we started celebrating yesterday and are just now finishing. But it’s a big deal and merits a big drawn-out celebration. After all, it was a first-time-ever for both of us and will probably a last-time-ever for both of us as well.

2017-02-03 19.20.19

While waiting for our server, we each counted how many opportunities we’d had to do this. My number was higher than his. By two! Which made the accomplishment we celebrated for two days even more remarkable.

2017-02-03 19.20.27

A new restaurant out on the highway opened recently. It’s the talk of the town. Friday night probably wasn’t the best time to go, but we figured we were out to celebrate, so we didn’t mind waiting our turn.

2017-02-03 19.20.36

A fabulous menu! I have simple taste buds and usually have to work at finding something that sounds appealing. This menu had so many delectable choices I had a hard time narrowing it to one. I told Mauri we’d have to come back often so I can try everything they offer. We’ll have to stretch to find enough excuses to celebrate. Or we can just keep celebrating our two-day celebration.

2017-02-03 20.21.35

The food was fabulous! No kidding—and our large plates were all food! We both brought home another whole meal’s worth of leftovers. Our server was a little preoccupied so we decided to skip the dessert we had picked out.

2017-02-03 07.00.39

But then back at home Mauri wondered if I might enjoy trying the cookies his friend brought him from a recent trip to Africa. And he made us hot chocolate using dark chocolate chips to go with. A fitting finish to our celebration, I’d say.

Wouldn’t you?

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1 Response to two-day celebration

  1. risgely says:

    What are we celebrating?! We ate lunch at Black Bear last week! Fabulous and we’d be happy to “try everything on the menu” with you. We’ll have to figure out a time!

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