I just added a new category titled “grandkids” and wondered what on earth took me so long? It’s the perfect yet unnecessary excuse to share pictures and stories about them.

Last Thursday and Saturday I got to spend some one-on-two time with first the Macy girls and then the Macy boys while their parents were out and about.

2017-01-26 18.39.57

When I go to the Macy girls’ house I always show up with what I call my “activity bag.” They, Sage especially, always ask if I brought it (of course) and eagerly wait for me to unzip it to expose whatever I brought. They know it’s mine to open and close and I’m the only one who reaches in and takes something out. They also know I take it all home with me when I leave. In the picture Sage is digging the night’s project. She did way better than I expected and only had to “take a breath” one time when she tried to go too fast and missed a few loops along the way. She kept at it but still had to put it back in the activity bag for next time. I’ll post a picture with her finished potholder when we finish it. Now that I have a “grandkids” category, I won’t give it a second thought.

BTW, Brynn enjoyed stretching loops across one whole side of the loom, but her hands aren’t quite ready to do the weaving.

2017-01-28 14.52.54

On Saturday, Will and I played some of his Christmas games, this one extra entertaining because you get to lick whipped cream off your nose.

2017-01-28 14.52.55

It’s call “Pie Face.” Maybe everyone should play this game to relieve tensions caused by the many political disturbances.

Cassidy track winners

Can you pick Cassidy out of this group shot? We can celebrate with both boys and girls XC teams because they won the equivalent of state on Saturday morning. They took home the first place W! “The difference between first and second place,” reported the proud mom, “for the girls hinged on our 6th runner in. (Top two teams were tied with 90 points.) Cassidy was our 6th runner in and her score was better than theirs. (They call that the ghost runner, I guess.)” Woo hoo!!

Back soon with more for this new “grandkids” category!

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