looking down

Whenever I have a little extra time I open my computer and go back where I left off in culling photos from my vast collection. I used to say “There is no such thing as too many pictures” but feel that is no longer true. Part of the reason for my change of heart is my limited computer storage space of 500 gigs. I’ve moved some of my bigger files to an external hard drive, but too often I need what isn’t readily available to me on my computer. So cull I must!

I’ve just begun 2008, and one big folder held the many photos from our trip to Iona, Scotland, and surroundings. It was very fun to revisit that adventure through my pictures. But I was able to toss many of them, some duplicates, and still have a reasonable representation of our travels.


I was glad to discover I kept a few of the staircase shots. I was still recovering from my broken ankle and Mauri was already in need of knee replacements, yet somehow we managed to find ourselves assigned to rooms on high levels in hotels with no elevator. We didn’t let that get us down, though the luggage haul both up and down these staircases was a challenge.


My pictures don’t offer the best perspective, but they do include my handsome travel partner.



Mauri’s pictures give a much better look down and also include the bonus of a shirttail in each.



Balint Alovits

These last three photos are the work of Balint Alovits, whose collection includes staircases in Budapest. See others HERE. Some will make you dizzy. All are truly fascinating. It was fun to know our capture of a few staircases in Britain connected with Balint’s.

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1 Response to looking down

  1. Joanne Thor says:

    LOVED the staircases…..will have to watch for photo opportunities on later travels! Will not find any here at home!!!

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