he came home

Mauri finished strong, completing his 3.5 weeks of Sabbath by the Sea (helping with the worship music components for morning and evening prayers and a morning listening gathering every day) and is now home where he belongs. Not that he didn’t belong there, but you know what I mean. I always say it’s different when he’s gone, which is not to say it is better. We enjoy a good life together at “514,” but while he’s away I do projects (like shuffling paperwork for taxes), eat or not eat, catch up on correspondence, and the like. But by the time he brings home his clothes and all the coffee gear etc. I’m ready. Thankfully, he is too.

2016-12-30 10.39.01

You can’t spend 3.5 weeks by the ocean and not take multiple pictures of the Twin Rocks. It’s an utter impossibility. He takes more than he shares with me, but here are some plus a few miscellaneous shots. Enjoy!

2016-12-30 14.23.08


FullSizeRender copy

The rocks are there . . . somewhere . . .


Just outside the window!




We feel quite lucky to live so close to this gorgeous setting. Lucky and grateful.

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1 Response to he came home

  1. Ridgely says:

    Wow, calendar worthy all! What a lovely gift to get to spend a month at the ocean every year!

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