boo hoo

My niece Cheryl sent me a link to a very sad news story. I don’t expect you to have interest enough to click on that link, so I’ll just tell you it contains the bad news that Barnacle Bill’s in St. Augustine, Florida, is going to be demolished, torn down, razed, flattened—for a parking lot! OK, now that you know the very sad news, you’re probably wondering why that’s of any concern to me at all.

History! It’s all about history. I’ve since learned the restaurant will relocate, so it isn’t even as though we’ll never enjoy a Shrimp Buster again. But BOO HOO— what about our history in that place? BOO HOO

Paul and Dad at Barnacle Bills

Paul and my dad at Barnacle Bill’s way back when

2001-Sherry @Barnacle Bill's

Me as a Macy


Most of the Jacksonville family


Just two years ago

And these are only the pictures I could quickly find. BOO HOO

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