it happened twice!

I had some fun several months ago when I parked in front of an antique store on First Street, asked inside if the owner took donations to sell in her store. She was interested enough to come out to see what I had to offer. She apparently misheard me and started to bargain with me. So I simply said “just give me a very small number.” My only requirement was that she take everything. She offered $25. I countered with $20. She accepted, and we went inside to close the deal. I walked away with $20 more than I expected.

2017-01-14 15.06.30

Today I repeated those steps, choosing a different antique store because of the available parking in front. I went inside, told the owner I was headed to Goodwill with all this stuff and would rather give it to him to sell. He came out to my car, took a look, offered me $20, I accepted, and went inside to shift the goods out of our laundry basket into his box. Win/win! Some of those items have particular sentimental value to me that needed to be released to a new owner. I got a kick out of imagining his conversation with his wife over dinner tonight.

2017-01-16 07.49.51

My friend Nancy shared this on Facebook, and I took it to heart!

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