remembering edna

A year has passed since Mom Edna left this world. Her son, DK, instigated a small family gathering to honor her memory. He drove down from Washington to join the rest of us — 15 altogether — for a potluck-type dinner.


Some of us came appropriately attired to honor Grandma’s unique style.


Erin wore one of Grandma’s glittery tops along with a representation of her many pins (mostly of roses). Derin managed the whole evening wearing her clip-on earrings. I pulled out Edna’s salt and pepper shakers and her famous candy dish.


Only Rice Krispie treats for dessert would do.

2017-01-13 19.34.56

Darcy enjoyed the safety of her kennel.

whole famidamily

Here we are. I like to imagine what Edna would think if she saw this picture of her family. She’d notice that Derin and Andra are expecting a baby. She’d marvel at how much the others have grown in a year. She’d laugh at our attempts to dress for her. And she might notice I was wearing the top part of a suit she knitted many years ago. I’m absolutely sure she would see our smiles and know we’re doing OK.



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