the book of acts

I’m so excited! I just listened to the first message of a series being taught by Luke Simmons, lead pastor at Quinn and Dusty’s church in Queen Creek, Arizona — Redemption Church Gateway. But here’s why I’m so excited: I love expository teaching; I love that Luke said at the very beginning of this message that it’s going to take most of this year to work through the Book of Acts. I love that each message is around 40-45 minutes long. And I love that in this first message, toward his conclusion, Luke talks about the offering taken at the end of last year to go toward building a church in Juarez. I love that enough was given they can not only build the church but buy the land and even some chairs to go inside! I love that Luke emphasized that “the church doesn’t have a mission; the church is a mission.”

Acts 1:1-11 – Witnesses from Redemption Church Gateway on Vimeo.

I love so very much about this message alone! Maybe you’d set aside 41 minutes and watch it. You’ll find Luke very likable, very easy to follow, very studied and knowledgable. And who knows, maybe you’ll get hooked and follow the whole series, which I intend to do!

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