the b’s and the d’s

For years and years and years we’ve always referred to Ben (Bentley) as “B,” Quinn (Quincy) as “Q,” and Taylor as “T.” And for years and years and years I’ve made a game out of looking for license tags with BQT (finding many over time) or any other sighting of those three letters in order. I know, I know—I need to get a life. Still, it’s the small things.


Recently, Q sent this picture of a package delivered to her house. Can you see why she might do that? We considered the “C” a bonus.

2016-12-28 19.41.31

Along came Bailey, adding another “B” to the family. And yes, Quinn took to calling him B, only it was often “Little B” for clarity when these two were together. So when I had the opportunity (before the younger B left for the 2017 Passion Conference in Atlanta for the third year in a row), I snapped this pic of the Bs.


Last year we added another “D” to the family. I hear Dusty and Declan more often than I hear “D,” but now and then a D will come to my lips.

2017-01-02 14.47.20-1

Little D will walk past every other person in the room and raise his arms to Big D to be held.

2017-01-02 14.47.58

From all appearances, the feeling is mutual.


Yesterday we made the trek from the West Valley to the East Valley to join in the celebration of Marissa turning 18.


She lights up the room with that smile. To know her is to love her.


As I said earlier, the 1.25-hour drive between the two AZ families challenged our togetherness and my need (yes, need) for a pic with the three Carlson siblings. So rarely are they in the same room at the same time.


Normally I would go for family shots too, like we do with the Macys at Christmas, but Bailey is in Atlanta and Cassidy was at cross-country practice and Marissa had a birthday coffee date with friends. Such is the life of a delightfully active family.


This Carlson family unit was all present, so I snapped this as the rest of the adults tried to coax a smile out of Declan.



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