divided together

Quinn and her family and Taylor and his family live in Arizona, yes, but 1.25 hours apart. That means we need to work at being all together.

2016-12-28 13.44.29

Quinn cherishes any time she gets with her brother Ben. (FTR, she is a fastidious housekeeper, and I will no doubt hear about this after she sees I posted a picture with some of their Christmas remnants in view.)

2016-12-27 12.53.38-1

One day last week we met halfway for a sunny brunch at Snooze.

2016-12-28 13.08.57

Dusty was energized by his purchase of a Seahawk 2, a blow-up raft for two. He teased us about his becoming a boat owner. It was meant to provide entertainment for Bailey and his friends on a family New Year’s jaunt down to Puerto Peñasco, MX (Rocky Point), an easy drive from Phoenix.

2016-12-28 18.27.18

But Bailey considered the need for a second Seahawk 2, since there’d be four guys in the ocean, so he used some of his Christmas cash to add to the family fleet.


This picture, shared on Facebook today, shows his plan panned out!

After my visit with cousin Aneta, I came up here to Buckeye / Verrado for some Carlson time, including Ben.

2016-12-31 10.26.04

Of course he would make sure he was near a TV when Duke is playing.

2016-12-31 08.57.48

I was happy to get to cook an old family favorite for him too.

2016-12-29 16.40.49-1

Multi-car owner Uncle Ben wanted to start Declan young, and Daddy was the assembler.

2016-12-30 16.30.37

Seems like every time I visit, Taylor is assembling something.

2016-12-31 13.17.52 HDR

Testing it out. Let’s hope Declan’s legs will eventually grow long enough to reach the pedals.

2016-12-31 13.37.12 HDR

Destination: a neighborhood park!

2016-12-31 18.07.18

Plenty of entertainment at home too.

T & Dec

Something good on TV.

2016-12-31 16.43.02

Regular Facetime visits with family in Virginia.

2017-01-01 11.46.46

And this morning, the little one keeps (mostly) silent in church.

Word just arrived that the Andersons have returned from the beach, so we’ll head their way tomorrow to celebrate Marissa’s 18th birthday. Eighteen!

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