hawk stories

Mauri and I are far apart. He’s at the Oregon Coast for the January Sabbath by the Sea retreats; I’m in Arizona for some post-Christmas / New Year time with the Carlson side of the family.

Yesterday, Mauri posted this picture on Facebook


with this caption: “…on the Harbor Villa (neighbor’s) flagpole this morning. The rest of the story – it had just slaughtered/eaten a seagull next to the bamboo and was sitting atop the pole – gloating…maybe burping.” Before long he was chased away by a jealous crow.

This morning I was visiting with my cousin Aneta and her husband, Kent, down in Oro Valley (Tucson).

untitled (1 of 1)-3

Kent likes to feed the Asian doves, and they favor him by eating what he offers. Occasionally something will frighten the doves and they scatter in all directions. Inevitably, one will head butt the sliding glass door.

Then I looked out and saw a hawk land on the fence.

2016-12-30 08.42.56-1

I tiptoed back to the big window to sneak a picture to send Mauri before he (the hawk) flew away. However, he didn’t—fly away—he just stayed there, hunting rodents. Or so I thought.

Suddenly there was a ruckus outside, feathers flying everywhere. I jumped up just in time to see the hawk fly away with a dove in his beak.

2016-12-30 09.46.01

You know what they say about the balance of nature.

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