cousin aneta

As I mentioned earlier, I visited my cousin Aneta yesterday (and the day before). Just like Quinn and Krista, Aneta and I were born only a few months apart in the same year. Her dad and my mother were siblings.

For as many trips as I’ve made to Arizona since the Andersons moved here, this is the first time I’ve worked out an advance plan to drive down to see her and Kent in their Oro Valley home.

2016-12-29 13.59.03

Beautiful setting even on a cloudy day!

2016-12-30 10.13.55-1

It’s been a bunch of years since I’ve seen these folks, but they haven’t changed much at all. They’re chatting on Tango with daughter Carrie and her two littles who live in Texas. Their other daughter lives in Oro Valley, but she and her family are vacationing in Italy.

2016-12-30 09.53.59 copy

We talked about all the critters that roam their surroundings. I heard about the rattlesnakes and the coyotes and the deer and the bobcats and of course the flying critters from yesterday’s post. But this was the first time I’ve ever heard about javelinas. Wild furry pigs that walk around the neighborhood! Makes me shudder almost as much as the rattlesnakes.

2016-12-29 14.03.50

I’d just as soon concentrate on the humans, thank you.

untitled (1 of 1)-2

Here’s a nice one of these two. They hosted me well, I slept in comfort, and they even invited me back!

And for my finale, I present one of my match-ups.


Fifty years separate the two shots. Oh my!

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2 Responses to cousin aneta

  1. Craig MacDonald says:

    We’d have coyotes roam through our yard frequently and I’d encounter them while walking the dog. Never worried about them because they have a natural fear of humans. But those Javelina are mean, dangerous, and should be avoided! Once or twice a year we’d get a news story of a Javelina attack on a human, sometimes unprovoked. They are as mean as they are ugly.

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