merry christmas eve

Parts of our day of pre-Christmas celebration.

2016-12-24 10.37.18

Our traditional breakfast with the family at The Jory. Since my usual steak and eggs was not on the menu this year, I was forced to change my order to Jory Benedict.


We always pose for John Macy’s “good” camera. I snatched these on the side.




From The Jory we head over to the Coffey House (John and Erin’s) for a stocking exchange.


Lots of hustle and bustle to fill the stockings (shopping bags).

2016-12-24 12.18.06


Brynn waits patiently.

2016-12-24 12.24.44

And then the opening!


You get to caption what Lincoln is saying to me.

Then after a quiet afternoon, we headed to Hillside Fellowship for our Christmas Eve service.

2016-12-25 00.22.53

The candlelit setting was so lovely! Can you pick out Mauri from behind?

And in a few minutes we’ll keep another long-held Macy tradition——late-night dinner at Shari’s with the guys.

I hope you’ve been able to keep some of your Christmas traditions alive too.

Merry Christmas Eve!

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