look what i started


Since I measure time by the years my children were born, I can date this picture around 1977. Taylor was a baby. He had chicken pox and I was still nursing him, but I left him and his older siblings in North Carolina with my parents and went on a week-long all-expense-paid trip with Paul to Scottsdale, Arizona. Because I’m a stellar mother who couldn’t pass up a free vacation (It was awarded to Paul by ServiceMaster for recruiting.)

So we were on our own in a warm climate with time to play. Just for fun Paul took this picture, and it went in the family photo album that was frequently reviewed by Quinn.


Was it Quinn who started this whole “series” thing? Nah, but by the time she went to Arizona quite a few years later, she’d learned what would make her mama smile.


Years later, she was on a vacation with her family in Arizona. Marissa’s turn to make her Gus happy.

ErinBethcactus copy

Fast forward a lot more years to last month. John and Erin were visiting Taylor and Beth in Arizona, of course, on a walk near their house. Taylor said to Erin and Beth, go pretend to back into that cactus and then do this. “Why?” “Because mOm will like it.”

He knows me so well.

But then, just for fun, Mauri . . .

2016-11-30 11.25.16

Just look what I started.

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1 Response to look what i started

  1. Ridgely says:

    I think you missed your calling as an historian! I’m in awe that you have all these photos and that you can find them to use!

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