my children owe their lives to this man

That title might sound dramatic, but it is absolutely true.


I sat innocently enough at my job as receptionist at the Youth for Christ International headquarters in Wheaton, IL, when Paul Carlson took my picture.

Campus Life Magazine

He had recently moved back to Chicago from New Orleans after his good friend Gary Dausey recruited him to be the advertising manager for Campus Life Magazine.

Ben, Quinn, and Taylor should take special note of this important piece of their history. Their dad and Gary had been friends prior to their years together at Taylor University, and this new connection gave opportunity for Paul Carlson to meet their mother, Sherry Nill.


A wedding soon followed. Best Man Gary Dausey helps my dad prepare to walk his baby down the aisle.


This marked the beginning of my own lifelong friendship with Gary and Barbara Dausey.


The Dausey family, now including Julie and Greg, visits Paul’s parents in Chicago.


Years later we connected again with the whole family at Wheaton Bible Church.


But then Paul died, and Gary traveled to Grand Rapids from Wheaton to share important words of tribute at his friend’s memorial service.


Interesting, isn’t it, that I would share two close friendships in the same week. Blame it on serendipity. Someone from our Youth for Christ history sent me an e-mail with a link that led to this:

Even if you don’t know Gary, you might find this interesting.

I would swear I saw Matt Damon in one of the youth-gathering photos! We might be watching too many Bourne movies at our house.

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