deck the halls

I’ve never been one to put lights all over the house, outside or inside, but I admit I’ve stooped to a standard that could match that of a grinch. It isn’t true, the grinch part, but just know it now takes me a total of 30 minutes to decorate for Christmas. That includes the trip up the pull-down attic stairs and back down. It’s a worthy investment of my time because look!

2016-12-05 15.34.10

A tree purchased at The Container Store. Perfect!

2016-12-05 15.34.31

My all-time favorite nativity.

2016-12-05 15.34.55

Matching wreaths on our two front doors. Oh, and the jingle bells!

Thirty minutes flat!

2016-12-05 17.55.07

Mauri’s part is putting the candles in the windows at dusk so they’ll know when to turn themselves off. The original Macy candles (from before I came along) had to be plugged in at dusk and unplugged at bedtime each night. Each one in its own outlet. We are so spoiled!

Lots of Christmas cheer going on at “514.”

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2 Responses to deck the halls

  1. Ridgely says:

    Lovely! Love the nativity and I covet your sleigh bells. I have a deep fondness for that sound (Sleigh Bells is my favorite secular Christmas song) but they are VERY expensive and not in my budget!

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