juarez sub-story: chago

To say Chago is strong is an understatement of high proportions. I’ve seen him at the gym. He’s the one who carried two five-gallon buckets of tar up the ladder to the roof at the job site, one in each hand.


He’s a gentle and harmless man, but if you don’t know that you might wonder why he’s taking your arm and twisting it in unnatural ways to illustrate self-defense maneuvers. I watched him do this to a few uneasy new team members so suggested to Chago that he demonstrate on me.


When he was finished I thought I’d put on a little demonstration of my own and punch him in the stomach.


My reaction is dramatized for my audience but illustrates the natural consequence of punching a brick wall.

Chago works out, and you don’t want to mess with him.


Team member Mike caught him doing one of his many tricks. Show off!

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