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once upon a time – part 1

I have two stories — two fairytale stories — to share with you. This is the first. Once upon a time there lived two families. The Macy family consisted of a mother, a father, two sons, and a daughter. The … Continue reading

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Web has become one of those words that has taken on an entirely new meaning now that the Internet has come to stay. But those of us who live in Oregon will forever and always be reminded of the original … Continue reading

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a wonderful and useful new word

Our friend Bethany sent us a story via e-mail earlier today. She knows we are both word lovers and would appreciate learning a new one—so new it was coined this morning. With her permission, I share the story word for … Continue reading

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Google says a veteran is someone who has served in the military, so I have two in my family to honor today. Historically, Quakers are lovers of peace and usually serve as conscientious objectors if called to the military. So … Continue reading

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new kids on the block

Our dear friends Wally and Ridgely have finally settled in their new home in the nearby town of McMinnville. We have a long story of friendship that you’ll read/see more about in the next few days. But tonight I’ll just … Continue reading

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that was a surprise!

Here’s my contribution to the conversation about the election. I stayed up to watch the acceptance speech, and it was late here in the West. But pity those who were still up in the East! Donald Trump’s son Barron, for … Continue reading

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holly hobbie

We’re watching the election returns and it seems we will be watching the election returns for quite a while yet. Since my computer is on my lap anyway, I thought I’d divide my attention and write something totally unrelated to … Continue reading

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