travel day

We had to say goodbye to our dear Carlson family this morning.


Mauri and I fought over who got Declan, but neither of us won. His parents wouldn’t consider letting either one take him with us. Rather inconsiderate, don’t you think?

2016-11-21 07.55.32

Taylor dressed for work.

2016-11-21 08.22.15_Snapseed

It’s the cutest thing, watching Declan express his strong preference for his Gum.

After thankful goodbyes, we hit the road for El Paso.

2016-11-22 11.05.41

We saw a lot of this.

2016-11-22 11.05.48

And this. And a lot of desert scrub and cacti. A gorgeous travel day!

2016-11-22 17.47.13

Once settled in our LaQuinta room, we found some of our favorite food.

2016-11-22 18.33.47

Well, this was almost next door and we were on foot and surely we’d walk off a few extra calories and after all we are on vacation. Ugh.


Meanwhile, Quinn texted this picture of what we were missing up in Arizona. Niece Krista had arrived from Santa Barbara, and if you look closely you can see that Sage and Brynn Macy are there to, helping load supplies in the trailer that will head this way early tomorrow morning. Oh joy!

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1 Response to travel day

  1. Ridgely says:

    Blue sky!!! Forgot what it looks like–it’s raining….again! Love the pics of Declan and his grandparents! Too cute!

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