the beginning

2016-11-17 21.39.47

Allegiant Airlines offers two flights a week between Eugene, Oregon, and Mesa, Arizona. Have you ever flown Allegiant? It’s budget all the way, which means zero frills; you pay extra for everything. So we decided to give it a try. We asked our friends the MacDonalds, who live near the Eugene airport, to meet us and take our car home with them. We especially enjoyed the small-airport experience at both ends of the flight; rental cars are cheaper than Phoenix, and best of all the airport is eight minutes from the Andersons’ house. So even though we were headed for the Carlsons 1.25 hours away, Quinn met our flight just to say hey.

2016-11-18 18.53.21

The past few days we’ve had lots of time to enjoy Declan.

2016-11-18 17.48.41

He likes me well enough, but he will pass me by without a glance when his Gum is in the room.

2016-11-19 15.08.47 HDR

2016-11-20 18.51.05_

The buddies watch the Redskins game together. Declan’s mom has already indoctrinated him, and he is not allowed to holler for any other team.

2016-11-20 19.33.36_

More football faces.

This morning we attended Redemption Gateway with six Andersons—Dusty, Quinn, Marissa, Cassidy, Neil, and Randee (Dusty’s parents). A little taste of heaven, I tell ya!

2016-11-20 16.38.54_

This evening we attended St. Thomas Aquinas with three Carlsons. When Mauri and I arrived, the church was virtually empty. Fifteen minutes later it was full. A fascinating mix of age and race. Taylor and Beth arrived late because her wallet had been stolen from her car. A real bummer to be sure.

2016-11-20 17.35.12

But their late arrival meant they sat across the aisle from us, allowing me to slyly grab this pic of Declan sleeping on his daddy’s shoulder.

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