lincoln is one

Was it really a year ago this happened?

Well, the calendar says so, which can only mean one thing—Lincoln is (almost) ONE!

2016-11-16 18.04.11

His parents threw a one-year party last night for the family (early, to accommodate the Thanksgiving travelers). It started with a prayer of thanks for children and for the delicious meal we would soon gobble.

2016-11-16 18.44.54

Then games Lincoln likes—one dance-party song (the kid can jive),

2016-11-16 18.48.46

and the colorful drone his daddy expertly controls (until the battery dies, that is). This is as close as I could get to capturing the wide-eyed, mouth-dropped joy it brought.

2016-11-16 19.11.25

Lincoln doesn’t know we’re about to sing the “All Day Long” birthday song to him, the first of many times he’ll hear “…today is the day that LINCOLN was born!”

2016-11-16 19.12.04

2016-11-16 19.12.13

2016-11-16 19.12.20

2016-11-16 19.14.34

His first taste of sugar. Probably not his last.

Happy #1 birthday, Lincoln Knox Macy!

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