a wonderful and useful new word

Our friend Bethany sent us a story via e-mail earlier today. She knows we are both word lovers and would appreciate learning a new one—so new it was coined this morning. With her permission, I share the story word for word.


This morning, we asked Hannah if she wanted a special drink for her birthday party. She thought a minute and said, “If we had the ingredients, we could make Shirley Temples!” She’s recently discovered them and loves them. I looked online to see if we needed some sort of special cherry syrup or if it was just grenadine (which she’s had drizzled over fruit before and hated).

“Mixed into Sprite it’ll probably be good,” she said. “I’m skeptimistic.”

It was especially funny in the moment because it was completely unintentional. She was just feeling both skeptical and optimistic, and it came out as a portmanteau.


Let me introduce you to the creator of skeptimistic. . . Miss Hannah Lee!


Hannah has introduced the word that most closely describes my attitude toward our new President-elect. And when you use this helpful word, be sure to credit its origins. Thank you.

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1 Response to a wonderful and useful new word

  1. Craig MacDonald says:

    I got two new words out of this post: skeptimistic and portmanteau. Now to use both in at least three sentences today. And I agree, it’s a good description of my thoughts re. our new President.

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