holly hobbie

We’re watching the election returns and it seems we will be watching the election returns for quite a while yet. Since my computer is on my lap anyway, I thought I’d divide my attention and write something totally unrelated to the colors Blue and Red.

2016-11-07 06.55.22

Someone shared this picture on Facebook and asked if anyone remembered Holly Hobbie.

Are you kidding me?

1974-May-Quincy Joy is 3 years old (yes, mOm made most of your clothes) Tallahassee FL

I think maybe I was slightly influenced by Holly Hobbie when I made clothes for my 3-year-old daughter.

1975-May-Quincy Joy is 4yo wearing the Little Bo Peep dress her mama made for her Mother Goose birthday party Tallahassee FL

My 4-year-old daughter . . .

1975-Quincy Joy and her mama Sherry Carlson prepare for a Christian Women's Club fashion show photo by Durham NC newspaper photographer

Uh huh. Looks like I’ll have to admit I got a bit carried away. I was just having so much fun “dressing” a daughter!

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  1. Ridgely says:

    Stayed far, far away from any election news. Love your HH clothes

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