Now and then I get a message that my 500GB computer memory is nearly full. Sometimes I solve that problem by offloading files to an external hard drive, but I know the better approach is to cull my vast photo files. I used to say there was no such thing as too many pictures but time has proved me wrong about that. Tossing photos isn’t as painful as I might have expected and I rarely have regrets. Notice I didn’t say never have regrets.

Going through old photo files brings me great joy, and it refreshes my memory in many ways. Refreshing my memory affirms my past, even the hard parts.


I also find I’m more likely to come across some piece of history like this if I’ve taken a picture of it and titled the picture with info. This one informs: “Wheaton Journal 1958.” To think that in 1958 our little vacation to California was print worthy! The journalist found it interesting that my dad carried and used three cameras.



Mormon Tabernacle


You’d think with three cameras I would end up with more than three photos of our vacation. Thankfully at 13 I was old enough to maintain some memories of our family travels. I remember singing “Yellow Rose of Texas” with my sister the entire breadth of the state, driving our parents mad. I remember when it was time to stop for a night of sleep, my dad would go from motel to motel to find the cheapest accommodations. He did all the driving; my mother didn’t get a license until age 64. I’ve always been impressed by how they made sure our childhood included visiting family and seeing the country.

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