queenly treatment

When I arrived at work this morning Dan was at work blowing leaves off the parking lot. Like a gentleman, he blew a little path for me. I probably didn’t need to, but I put down the box I was carrying so I could curtsy my appreciation. And since my hands were free I took his picture.

2016-10-26 07.59.51

He’s good, that Dan!

2016-10-26 08.00.32

We are lucky to have an early riser on staff who lives just across the way.

_ _ _ _ _ _


If I’d waited till tonight to post this, I could have included what happened on my way out of the office after work this afternoon.

2016-10-27 17.03.18

Rick did the exact same thing as Dan two mornings ago. . . he blew a path for me to walk to my car. Gentlemen, both!

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