dusty update


It’s been three weeks since I reported on Dusty’s progress. It’s been slow, painfully slow, but Quinn reported today that Dusty had his last “medicine ball” infusion, and the PICC line is out. That’s good news, of course, since it means the infection is gone. Still, that’s only one aspect of his recovery. What’s going on now is getting back the use of his knee. It was quite an accomplishment for Dusty to hang both legs off the side of the bed.

The results of the continuous passive motion machine take a long time to see, then quickly fade…(Quinn reporting) “but I guess it’s just a matter of time. Day by day! Dusty made it to church for the first time last week (since this all started) with his walker. Yesterday he made it with his cane. There’s progress. He’s still very uncomfortable sitting and standing, but church is a necessity for us…and he was happy to be there. What a ridiculous and crazy thing this has been.”

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