cubbies win

I’ve been hearing about the Cubs my whole life. Maybe it’s because they haven’t made it to the World Series since the year of my birth, like maybe I was part of the curse. But being a Chicago (suburb) girl all my growing up years means talk of the beloved Cubbies was all around me.

Melba Hazel Florence

And then I married into a family that lived and breathed the Cubs. The middle sister in this picture is Florence Carlson, Paul’s mother, in whom grew not a faint interest in baseball. But the two on either side of Florence — Aunt Hazel on the left and Aunt Melba on the right — were such avid fans they would take public transportation into Wrigley Field any chance afforded them to cheer on their mostly defeated team.


And there was the time Paul drove Taylor and his buddies from Grand Rapids, MI, to Chicago to take in a Cubs game.


I confess to listening from a different room to Mauri talk to the TV about the game. But I got in on the final two outs and then all the hoopla afterward. Very fun. Cubs win the pennant and head to the World Series! Woot! Many friends are celebrating big tonight.

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