chip and joanna

You’ve probably seen Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper fame in the news the last couple days. You might remember back in March reading about my adventures in Waco, Texas, with granddaughters Marissa and Cassidy and their mama (who was sick nearly the whole time). We were in Waco to attend a Beth Moore conference, but we also investigated Baylor University and Magnolia Market (owned by the Gaineses).

2016-10-19 12.06.32

While I eagerly await the Season Four premiere of Fixer Upper on November 29, I’ll have my nose in their newly released book, the reason for all the current media attention. Last Mothers Day, Quinn let me know their gift to me would be delayed until October 18. This showed up in our mail from Amazon on October 19—today! The wait is over.

I have to go now . . .

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2 Responses to chip and joanna

  1. Vicki Johnson says:

    I received my copy on Tuesday, October 18 and finished it on Wednesday, October 19. Loved their story. Would love to see their silos!

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