linsey’s open house

Daughter Linsey is a broker with Premiere Property Group and has a lovely new office here in Newberg. They opened the house this evening, so I went.

2016-10-18 17.09.18

2016-10-18 17.09.27

2016-10-18 17.15.12

That’s Lins helping Will with his food selection.

2016-10-18 17.18.08

Can hardly believe Lincoln will be a year old in a month!

2016-10-18 17.18.15-1

Big bro William

2016-10-18 17.37.08-1

You can’t see John, Erin, Sage, and Brynn, but they came too, along with friend Tami and Rachelle (who you can see).

2016-10-18 17.19.46

2016-10-18 17.59.29

Carrying Lincoln around the office (cute babies get a lot of attention) I discovered this. (I work for this church.)

2016-10-18 18.08.33

We sat out in the foyer for a bit (Lincoln weighs 20 pounds!)

2016-10-18 18.11.07

View of that spot from the first landing. It’s a beautiful office, and I hope it will help Linsey serve her clients well.

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2 Responses to linsey’s open house

  1. Craig MacDonald says:

    We talked last night about wishing we could attend. If it were tonight we’d have been there. Linsey is very good at what she does, was a huge help to us, and I’m guessing the new digs will only bring greater success.

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