brother john

2016-10-10 17.40.09

What would ever possess me to bake a double batch of molasses cookies?

Company coming!

My brother, John, hasn’t been to Newberg for a long long time, so we are especially glad he included us on a West Coast excursion from Jacksonville, Florida.

We wondered if he’d even be able to get himself to the airport, given the weather conditions caused by hurricane Matthew. But Saturday morning he was able to fly from Jacksonville to Southern California, where he visited our sister, Carol, first.

2016-10-07 15.02.46

This is what he left behind.

2016-10-07 17.53.34

He waded through three feet of murky water to get to his garage in order to move his red Corvette to a higher elevation. It went that far then died.

2016-10-07 17.57.24

Not much to salvage from this disaster.

2016-10-07 17.56.45

His house sits on the edge of the St. John’s River. Looks like his dock is still intact; there might even be a boat attached to it.

Johnny isn’t eager to return to this mess, and especially the job of cleaning out his refrigerator after a lengthy power outage.

2016-10-11 12.48.15

To help soothe his woes we stopped off at our favorite teriyaki place on Sandy Blvd.

2016-10-11 16.45.24

A cookie and conversation for dessert back at our high and dry homestead.

2016-10-11 16.59.50

Welcome (back) to Oregon, brother John. We’re so glad to have you with us!

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