last bus to wisdom

Last night’s reading group discussion of Ivan Doig’s “Last Bus to Wisdom” ended with all thumbs up again. So of course now I need to pass along this recommendation to you fiction readers out there.

to wisdom

I found myself in a position to speed read this one, finishing the story exactly one hour before our group met with a salad still to prepare for our meal together. I usually read every single word, wanting to take in all the nuances and pithy thoughts the author wants to convey. Not that even my carefullest reading translates everything to my often numb and distracted brain. But that’s my intent in reading slowly.

In this case I surprised myself at how much of the story made the transition from eye to brain!

Last Bus

I prefer this picture (over the cover) the NY Times used with its synopsis of the book. . . HERE.

Someday I’ll reread the story, every single word, or possibly listen to the audio version. It was delightful, a fitting finale to Ivan Doig’s successful writing career.

Mark and Emma

I don’t usually take pictures at our gatherings, but this one was irresistible. Mark is unexpectedly smitten with Emma, and it’s just the cutest thing to watch.

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  1. Ridgely Hoyt-Whitaker says:

    I think Doig’s first and last books were his very best. THIS HOUSE OF SKY was so beautifully written and LAST BUS TO WISDOM is a tribute to good old-fashioned story-telling which is in short supply these days!

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