my buddy declan

“So, what do you want to do today?” Taylor and Beth asked me this the first two days of my four-day visit. But by day three and four they could tell I wasn’t here to do anything except be a part of their daily days. So with a sweet one-year-old in the house, we spent quite a bit of time sitting on the floor.

2016-10-03 20.03.18

Declan show one of his tricks—throwing the ball to Mama.

2016-10-04 07.56.43

2016-10-04 07.41.55

Early morning playtime. A box + several plastic do dads = at least an hour of entertainment.

2016-10-04 10.51.15

You might recognize the Zipfizz tubes. Who knew they’d provide a new taste and texture thrill? He also liked to hide them.

2016-10-05 10.24.56 copy

One for each hand.

2016-10-05 14.57.12

Our division of labor: Gus builds; Declan destroys.

2016-10-05 14.34.36

It’ll be hard to say goodbye to the three Arizona Carlsons tonight. Thankfully we have a “next time” in sight.

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