zero birthdays

We thought we had a pretty good plan going to celebrate Taylor’s 40th birthday while I was in Arizona. But then life got a bit topsy turvy, and then Taylor’s business travels would have interfered anyway. You know what they say about best-laid plans. No worries about Taylor either. He and his family and a friend and their visiting-from-Virginia family took a relatively short drive down to Puerto Penasco, Mexico, for a weekend celebration at the beach. So life goes on . . .

1978-March-Taylor Carlson is 18 mo Durham NC

Here’s my little blue-eyed blond-headed cutie back in the day.

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Here he is all grown up with a little not-so-blue-eyed blond-headed cutie of his very own. This pic comes from a family photo shoot for Declan’s one-year pics. I’ll make a post of my favorites soon.

And today we celebrate Mauri’s 70th birthday.

MMM 70th

This morning he took a bike ride with these girls and their daddy (John) and they threw a little birthday celebration for him.

Since we already had his big party, we’re taking it easy today, eating at home, bingeing on Longmire Season Five episodes. I’m writing this while he takes the dog for a walk. That kind of perfect day.

2016-09-25 15.57.53

The birthday boy is reading his many birthday greetings on Facebook. That in itself is a whoppin’ celebration!

So here’s a cheer for our family’s two ZERO birthday boys. We are so glad you were born!

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