a bargain

I’ve never hidden the fact I love a bargain. There isn’t much more fun than getting a deal. Mauri and I celebrate our birthdays at Benihana’s because we get a free $30 meal every year. (We also love Benihana’s and just returned from using his birthday club certificate there!) I prefer shopping at Goodwill for clothes and whatever other treasures I find there. I try to time my grocery purchases for Tuesdays when Nap’s offers a senior discount. I wait until Shutterfly offers a 50% discount on photobooks to order whatever project I’ve put together.

It isn’t as though we’ve been reckless with our money and can’t afford to buy new clothes or pay full price for food or just buy photobooks outright. It’s just that it’s a game to be thrifty. It also feels like good stewardship, and the truth is I don’t really care about money that much. I’m just grateful we have enough.

Last night I smiled as I drove home from the airport thinking about my five-day adventure to Arizona. Earlier this year American Airlines sent me a voucher for $100 off a flight in the coming year. I guess they like us because we use their credit card for most of our purchases. Ready for a visit, I used the voucher and booked round-trip flights for $57! Since I’d be visiting two multiple-car families, I didn’t rent a car. And when I claimed my car at AirPark near PDX, I handed over a fully punched rewards card and got five days of parking for FREE! That’s worth about $50 (with my senior discount, of course).

Of course I smiled because I was heading home to my man. And I remembered boarding the plane and getting a “WE HOME” text from Quinn, signifying that she and Dusty had successfully navigated the process of being released from the hospital and made the drive home. Glory, hallelujah! I was sad only because it didn’t happen in time for me to say a proper goodbye, but then I’ll see them when I return in a week and a half. Yup.

Here’s the requisite photo for this post:

2016-09-19 19.04.14

It illustrates what Dusty did not have. His staph infection had progressed dangerously by the time professionals sent him to the ER, but MRSA would have been far worse and taken much longer to kill. Thank God!

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