mixed bag

I booked a flight to Arizona because I hadn’t been down since early May. That’s longer than I like to go without seeing the grandkids, especially the one that changes daily. Of course I like to see their parents too, but you know how that goes. Little did I know that life for the Anderson family would be upheaved due to a health issue. In fact, the day I arrived Dusty had already been admitted to a hospital in Scottsdale for severe pain in his very swollen knee. This was after a full week of agony endured while he and Quinn waited “patiently” (because they were told that was best) while his knee recovered from arthroscopic surgery several weeks ago. I’ll spare the details (not my forté) to simply say my visit could not have been timed more perfectly to look after the home front so Q could give her full attention to Dusty.

Two surgeries have occurred since my arrival, needed to flush out a raging infection. They’re on a break now so Dusty can eat and drink something and to give the four power-antibiotics more time to do their job, and tomorrow a third surgery to finish (that’s the hope) cleaning and closing the thigh-long incision. I hope that wasn’t too graphic; it’s been truly horrific for him, and he’s a tough cookie.

Quinn does better when left alone to navigate the doctors and hospital waiting (she’s too much like me, I’m afraid), so we occupied ourselves between her updates by going to church and hanging out at home.

2016-09-18 12.05.28 HDR

Declan was a bored to sleep by the sermon.

2016-09-18 14.13.49

At home and awake, perfectly charming and charmed by his cousin Marissa.

untitled (1 of 1)

He wasn’t afraid of me (a stranger who says Hi Bumps to him in a high voice on Facetime) and let me follow his busy-boy-body around the room on hands and knees. To be clear, it was Declan on hands and knees.

Cassidy looked so cute in her black-and-white striped dress at church, but I didn’t get a picture. I’m no kind of photographer at all if I can’t even ask her for a quick pose. Thankfully you’ve just seen her at her birthday party, so I won’t beat myself up too severely.

Dusty’s parents are flying down from Seattle tonight, and our visits will overlap a day before I head home on Wednesday. I was given some bonus days off work the first week of October, so I booked more flights to return to spend more days with the Carlsons at their new home in Buckeye (Verrado). It’s convenient having two Carlson “kids” in Arizona. (Still working on convincing Ben, though he thinks it’s a nice place to visit in winter.)

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  1. Gene Steiner says:

    When I had MRSA, I was in the hospital after the surgery to flush out the infection … for 6 weeks… IV’s 6 hrs. a day using Vancomycin and Daptomycin… Then on oral antibiotics for another 5 months. I lost my job because I couldn’t be there and never got that job back.

    I pray Dusty recovers quickly and that God supplies for all his needs!

    Infections must be dealt with properly. And we are so thankful for doctors and medicines. Ultimately and intentionally, though, we thank God for healing our bodies!

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